T.A. Clearwater artist and teacher

  • Damascus

    Oil on canvas

  • Tracks Along the Hudson

    Pastels on Paper

    Tracks along the Hudson
  • Backstage

    Oil on canvas


I believe beauty is not a thing of the past; it is still present in our world today. We need to be aware of it now more than ever.

T.A. Clearwater

As artists, we connect with beauty, light and form, briefly it becomes a part of us. Then we must let it go. While releasing our work to the world we open the door of our hearts. If we do our work well it soars, it speaks, and it lasts. Art can lift a dull heart, it can bring joy, peace, beauty, and open a consciousness to those who seek it. As artists we can choose to have a positive impact on our world. Whether it is by the work itself or the teaching of others; it is a small part of making life a little better. Art has the capability of awakening the higher good in all of us.

It is an honor for me to teach this gift so that others may experience the same joy and opportunity.

I love painting, creating and most of all,I love making something beautiful!

We are stewards of this earth, as artists we must be stewards of beauty. We borrow the world around us to emulate, recreate and expound upon. This is my passion…